Part 18 Laboratories

External Verification of your Laboratory

We have been involved in the auditing of laboratories for many years. In that time we have seen significant changes in standards of design and legal compliance. As a firm believer and supporter of best practice for safety, not necessarily just for compliance, we are actively involved in the development of the Safe Work Instrument for Part 18 laboratories.

If you need help with your compliance or safety within your laboratory, we are here to help. We verify the laboratory to a range of AS/NZ standards (depending on what you hold). Our services cover facilities involved in chemical, physical containment and physical containment clinical.

We will work with you to identify the most appropriate and efficient verification approach from holistic overview to full systems auditing.

A full verification process of a laboratory involves a 100-point checklist looking at all aspects of your laboratory operations including;

  • training

  • segregation

  • flammable zones

  • adverse atmosphere checks

  • material compatibilities